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Growing Our products

It starts with soil

Beautiful products start with beautiful soil. We keep chemicals and pesticides out of our Biodynamic® gardens, because the quality of our soil will reflect the quality of our products. Even our partners seek out the most gentle, safe farming methods available.

The harvest

Because life nurtures life, all of our plants are processed immediately after they’re harvested. Our dedicated farmers work with great care to clean the roots, peel the bark and hand-select the best blossoms and leaves. Some plants are kept whole—to treat the whole being—while others are separated into components like roots, seeds, leaves or fruits, each to care for a specific skin-care or medical need.

Nourishment released

Grinding, squeezing or cutting fresh ingredients releases their nourishing properties while they’re most active and aromatic. We then combine this active plant blend with a solution such as organic alcohol or spring water to create an organic extract called a tincture.

A tincture carries an “imprint,” or life message, of the plant, and herbal or mineral tinctures are powerful enough to have been used around the world for centuries to treat medical needs.

Purity and protection

Tinctures are an essential component of every product we make, but first we subject them to strict, pharmaceutical-quality controls. In fact, we frequently exceed stringent European laws and certification standards for the personal care and pharmaceutical industries. We wouldn’t settle for anything less.

A beautiful result

The tinctures can now be blended with other extracts and raw materials to create the formulations that you know as your favorite soap, moisturizing facial cream, soothing eye drops, or gentle baby oil.