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Your happiness makes us happy! Share your experiences with your favorite Weleda products and help bring smiles to our faces and others. We’d love to hear from you! You can use the fields below to share now or you can email us any time at

EVERON® Lip Balm

I came down with the worst case of eczema in my life about 2 and a halfs years ago. My entire body looked like I was a burn victim. I'm still recovering. Yeast caused my ezcema. I practically bathed in coconut oil and swear by quality versions of it. For my lips coconut oil didn't work. They were swollen and blackened by the ezcema. The ONLY THING that HEALED MY LIPS WAS THIS BALM. I use it now for prevention. Please make a hand and or body version. It saved my skin naturally. I stopped ALL STEROIDS because they started to thin my skin and wanted to heal with natural products . I truly believe in this product. Thank you.
—Nicole M

Skin Food

This product is unbelievable. While shopping at Sprouts, I often check the little basket for free samples because they prove to be excellent. This little sample pack is quintessential for dry feet, hands, elbows, etc. Immediately, I instructed my son to drop by the store and purchase the 2.5 oz today. On October 2, 2016, a tall and very distinguished gentleman sat beside me in Sunday school asking, "Do you have any lotion in my purse." He looked like a professional basketball player, but I am too polished to asked a gentleman of his professional status not knowing for sure. He was far too handsome and dapper. I really desired to tell him, "Hold on, I'll be right back with that lotion." A lady walked in taking a seat to my immediate left; I asked her for her lotion and gave it to him. I hope that count for something. [Smile] Anyway, I left my lotion in the car by mistake. I wished I had a few packs of these samples to give him one. He now frequent my Sunday school class and I am simply mesmerized at his presence. You should hear the sound of his voice. You know what will be in my purse from now on. Yes, "Weleda Skin Food!" If I should marry him [smiling], it shall, likewise be in our estate in each lavatory especially in the guests lavatory. Excellent product!
—Linda J

Cuticle Softener Pen

This cuticle pen is amazing! I have very dry cuticles due to age and chemo. This has softened my hands, and especially helped my feet. Thank you so much for a very useful and good product!
—Maia P

Travel - Calendula Shampoo And Body Wash

These products smell amazing and I love that the ingrediants are safe on my sons skin. 5 star!! ❤
—Lindsey S

Calendula Diaper Rash Cream

This came in the mail at the perfect time! My daughter developed a pretty bad diaper rash and this has been doing wonders for her! Relieves her of the pain that comes with having a diaper rash and after a few uses, has already cleared up! I also love knowing that these are natural and organic products! Thank you so much for making healthy+safe products for our babies.

—Olivia F